Tour de Coop 2017

The McKinney Tour de Coop is an annual educational tour of urban chicken coops taking place this year on Saturday, April 29, with coop viewing and activities (including classes at Chestnut Square Historic Village. from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Come see how McKinney, Texas, has joined the self-sustainability movement!

This unique event allows the future hobbyist or curious spectators an opportunity to get an intimate look at several interpretations of what constitutes an "ideal" backyard chicken coop set-up. Some of the home owners also raise their own produce in beautiful gardens adjacent to their coops.

For more about the plans and schedule for this year's Tour de Coop, click HERE.

To access Facebook albums of photos from past tours, click the year below:

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Chicken Coop Tour_Yvonne Evans feeding chickens in back yard