#VisitMcKinneyFun Contest Rules

#VisitMcKinneyFun Contest Details:

People generally look to friends, family and the internet in general to research places to visit on vacation, looking mainly at reviews and user-shared photographs on social media sites. As we hear repeatedly in the tourism industry, travelers would rather see the experiences others have shared than to look at photos presented by the destination’s brand managers. This contest was created both to secure some new, fun photos for use in promoting McKinney, and to encourage people to have fun and capture it for sharing on social media.


The #VisitMcKinneyFun summer game/contest runs from June 21, 2108 (first day of summer) through Labor Day (Sept. 3, 2018) and involves photography shared via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The McKinney Convention & Visitors Bureau (MCBV/Visit McKinney) is hosting this contest for the purpose in order to:

  1. educate visitors and residents on all the things there are to do in McKinney. (Many suggestions and links can be accessed via the contest web page and its links.);
  2. encourage visitors and residents to take photos of themselves, friends and family taking part in fun activities in McKinney; and
  3. develop a file of user-generated content. Only those for which the MCVB has secured the permission of the photographer will be used for promoting the City of a McKinney as a destination for leisure and business travel. The photos can, however, be used on social media as long as the username is still attached to the image when it is presented via social media.

Disclaimer/Release of Responsibility

People sharing photos for considering using the designated hashtag are solely responsible for any property damage or injury incurred in securing of photos taken for and entered in this contest. Neither the McKinney CVB nor the City of McKinney will be held liable or responsible for damage or injury.

At no time will any personal information aside from social media username will be shared, and this will only be shared after securing permission from the photographer.


  • All photos must have been taken in McKinney.
  • All photos must have been shared online via social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using hashtag #VisitMcKinneyFun.
  • Photos must not depict anything of an illegal nature, nudity or anything else unseemly.                 
  • Photos should be of G-rated subject matter.
  • Photos should not contain any personal information such as mailing address, license plates, drivers license, etc.
  • Photos moving into the prize phase will be selected by the MCVB staff based on their depiction of people enjoying fun activities in McKinney or beautiful scenery in McKinney city limits.
  • Persons taking photos deemed appropriate for use in promoting McKinney will be contacted to ask for permission in using the photos for advertising and promotion via social media, website, and/or digital and print marketing.
  • The MCVB will make every effort when using user-generated photos to identify the photographer’s social media platform username, but we have no control over whether or not a given publication will be able to use a photo credit. Regardless of published credit, the photographer will have bragging rights to their photo being used for promotional purposes.
  • Granted rights for use of the photo to the MCVB will have no bearing on whether or not the photographer wins a prize.
  • Photos do not need to have been taken during the contest period as long as they are identified by the designated hashtag and as long as the venue, location, business, etc. depicted in the photo is still in operation or still as it appears in the submitted photo.


  • Contest prizes are of promotional nature including but not limited to items such as screen clothes, sunglasses, cooling towels, fans, etc. They will have a singular maximum value of $5.
  • All photos selected by the MCVB staff to meet the criteria as usable for promoting McKinney will be entered in the contest. A maximum of 10 prizes will be awarded via a random drawing of photographer names.
  • The number of prizes awarded will depend on the number of photos entered by using #VisitMcKinneyFun as the photo tag.


Please address any questions to bshumate@visitmckinney.com. A reply will be returned within 24 hours or earlier.