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Dec 06

Guest Blog: A Slice of Life in Historic McKinney - Yvonne Evans

Posted on December 6, 2016 at 10:52 AM by Beth Shumate

yvonne-collageMcKinney-based writer/blogger Sheri A. Bell is a storyteller whose passion is learning about the people who make our community unique. We wanted to share her recent blog on one McKinney historic district resident who is a businesswoman, "head chick" of the annual chicken coop tour and a vintage beauty who enjoys romanticizing about past eras (1880s to 1930s) when, coincidentally, this community was in its early years.

Sheri writes:
"It’s hard to pin down, exactly, what is it about the vibe of historic McKinney local Yvonne Evans that feels, well, so unusual, until you get a peek into her passions. For starters there’s her fascination with chickens (Yvonne founded the annual McKinney Tour de Coop, which will celebrate its fifth year next April), her fascination with aesthetics (she owns Yvonne’s Garden Spa McKinney), and her fascination with bygone eras. Vintage is her thing, Mama. A warning: hang with Yvonne for very long, and you might find yourself gaining a passion for all three, too.

On their own, each topic makes Yvonne an interesting person to converse with. But combined, they make her outright fascinating. Perhaps that’s because with every expression, word, and gesture, Yvonne implicitly states that she is delighted by the charm she sees in them. The past, she admits, is ever wooing her, enticing her to share tidbits of it with the rest of us in the here and now." 

Read the rest of Yvonne's story HERE.