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Jul 03

Guest Blog: Welcome Back, Rye!

Posted on July 3, 2018 at 10:31 AM by Beth Shumate

rye signThe gals at Be McKinney do a great job at telling the stories of McKinney restaurants, shops, social scene and more. When we came across their latest blog which covers the re-opening of Rye Craft Food & Drink in historic downtown, we knew we needed to share it!
(Thanks, Be McKinney!)


5 Things to Know about Rye's Reopening
Published July 1, 2018 by Be McKinney/Cassie

Earlier this month I sat down for a conversation with the CEO (Chief Experience Officer), Tanner Agar, for an inside peek at the new-ish Rye, the popular restaurant on the square that broke hearts upon closing its doors in January.

Here are 5 things you'll want to know about the revival of Rye:
1. New Service Style, Original Heart and Soul
The service style will be New American Small Plates - similar to tapas but each dish will be more of a complete meal than tapas. Expect to come and order a few dishes per person; sharing is encouraged! As far as the overall vibe, not much will change. Says Agar, "Everything [the previous owners] believed at their core as what they wanted Rye to be is fundamental to who we want to be".

 "We really love what Rye was", Agar explains. "We worked hard with [the previous owners] in this space for hours at a time trying to wrap our heads around Rye. And the service style will change and the people will change but we bought Rye for a reason. There's a reason you walked in today and it wasn't painted neon green and we're serving salads…"

2. New Executive Chef, Taylor Rause
Rause has uprooted his life and relocated from Raleigh, NC after being tapped to lead as the new executive chef at Rye, which is fitting considering Rause's culinary philosophy is that "food can transport you places". Of course, he means something more figurative than a cross-country move. For Rause and the entire team at Rye, a meal is about more than just our taste buds. On top of amazing flavors, they aspire for their dishes to invoke emotions, memories, connections.

3. Dessert and Cocktail Hour
McKinney will now have another after-dinner option on the square. After dinner, they'll wipe down the tables, light some more candles, and invite people in for a late night dessert and cocktail hour. Picture a cozy, intimate late night setting to unwind with friends or a romantic date.

Speaking of cocktails... YES, their craft cocktails will have the same inspiration as before: prohibition-era and modernist cocktails. House-made syrups and infusions with fresh herbs. The bar staff has experience at Proper, which just won best cocktail bar in Fort Worth, as well as the James Beard House. So I'm expecting some exciting concoctions!

To read the full blog post and find out what the other two top things are, click HERE!