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May 25

Everything Old is 'New' Again: McKinney's Historic District, Then and Now

Posted on May 25, 2018 at 2:05 PM by Beth Shumate

MCVB offices then and nowWhat is one big thing that McKinney residents and visitors to our fair city have in common? It's their love of our historic district and the loving care with which downtown building owners have restored them. 

To more easily track the history of the buildings and their condition (style, building materials, updates, etc.), the City of McKinney initiated a project, the Historic Resource Inventory Survey, back in 1985. The result of this ongoing survey is a page on the city's website that allows the public to learn about and see the changing face of McKinney's oldest area. Here, people can access an intricately detailed map of the buildings making up both the commercial and residential historic districts. Each building surveyed (basically all of them, best we could tell!) is marked with a dot. Clicking on the dot pulls up the building's address and links to the photos and information the city has collected for that building.

Of course, the first thing we had to check was our building (200 West Virginia, see images above) where our offices of the McKinney Convention & Visitors Bureau Visitors Center and The McKinney Shop are located. How fun it was to see the building in 1985, again in 2005 and a fairly recent picture (complete with our then-resident Bigfoot) from 2015!

Anyone who reads knows the staff here at the MCVB knows that when we find something we like and think is cool, we feel obligated to share it. Of course, we do! Considering how many people ask us every week about the history of the square and buildings making up our historic district, we knew you would have fun with it too. (Fair warning - as anyone who does historic or genealogical searches knows, it's a little addicting once you get started, but it's educational, so that's not a bad thing!) 

Kudos to the city employees who got this started and those who keep it going. We'd be remiss if we didn't to mention one person in the city who has a huge hand in keeping McKinney true to its history - the city's wonderful Historic Preservation Officer, Guy Giersch. He works closely with building owners and those renovating and restoring structures in our historic district. Being extremely detail-oriented with a wealth of knowledge about history and architecture, Guy does a fabulous job ensuring our city's gem - its historic district - remains special and authentic, a place where people from all around the globe love to visit and live.

We hope you enjoy exploring our historic district from 30 years ago to today. 

Ready, set ... click HERE and go! 

For those of you interested in learning even more about McKinney's history, we've shared a few other links from the city website below that we think you'll find interesting and helpful.