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Aug 10

Guest Blogger: Bay Willow Design Hat Shop

Posted on August 10, 2016 at 11:21 AM by Beth Shumate

sheri-hat-base-473x640This week, McKinney resident and writer Sheri A. Bell shares her newest downtown McKinney obsession - Bay Willow Design Hat Shop - in her My McKinney Life blog.

Thank you, Sheri, for sharing your special find with our readers!

“Hats Don’t Look Good on Me!” … the first sentence owner Jenny typically hears from visitors.
If you’ve yet to discover that a talented milliner has set up a hat shop in McKinney’s historic downtown, perhaps you just need to meander a bit more off the Square. Just a bit south on Virginia street, to be exact, between Hugs Cafe and Eclair Bistro (which offers up excellent jazz on weekend nights in its upstairs bar, at no charge).

Bay Willow Design, the new baby of first-time shop owner Jenny Mathison-Foster, is quickly becoming one of McKinney’s popular destinations. What draws people in, says Jenny, is curiosity. Because though once viewed as a fashion necessity, hats (We’re not talking ball caps, people!) are now primarily worn only by the stylishly courageous.

Please visit Sheri's blog site to read the rest of this piece and see her photos of the beautiful hats made in this McKinney shop.