Ask a Local!

When you're visiting someplace new and you aren't sure about where to eat or have a picnic or go hiking, who do you turn to? Well, you "ask a local," of course! Our McKinney locals are always eager to share their favorites with visitors and new residents.

Favorite Place for Spaghetti/Pasta

  • Pam: Sicily's
  • Dee/Jenn/Angi: Italian Garden

Favorite Place for Bacon/Bacon Dishes:

  • Dwayne & Marilyn: Baker's Drive Inn and Bill Smith's Cafe

Favorite Place for Coffee

  • Johanna: Eggsquisite Cafe
  • Rhonda: Filtered & Layered (both)
  • Ann: Wattage Coffee Company

Place for Wine with Friends

  • Linda/Jennie: Landon Winery
  • Ty: Uncorked
  • Tammy: Guitars & Growlers
  • Dee: Lonestar Wine Cellars

Favorite Breakfast

  • Maureen: Eggsquisite Cafe
  • Cathleen: Spoons Cafe
  • Willette: Hydeout Cafe
  • Melissa: Cookies
  • Merlin: Bill Smith's
  • Carol-Ann: Snug on the Square
  • Christie: Benny's Cafe
  • Marsha: Starwood Cafe

Favorite Burgers

  • Jennifer: Local Yocal
  • Russell: The Celt, The Pub & E.J. Wills Gastropub
  • Megan: One & Only Burger
  • Mark: Bakers Drive-In
  • Marsha: Square Burger
  • Adela: Scotty P's
  • Tricia: The Grind Burger Bar 

Favorite Places for Fajitas

  • Cassie: El Corazon
  • Valorie: Blue Goose, El Corazon or Cristina's

Favorite Date Night Spot

  • Sarah S.: The Celt (live music) 
  • Sarah W.: Rye

Where to Meet Friends for Drinks

  • Mindi: The Pub
  • Courtney: Lone Star Wine Cellars
  • Brenna: Duino Coffee
  • Elliot: The Yard
  • Rebecca: Blue Goose ($2 Tuesdays!)
  • Tiffany: Dempsey's Place

Favorite Place to Relax

  • Tricia: One of the benches in downtown McKinney

Favorite Place to be Active

  • Crystal: Towne Lake Park
  • Diane: Apex Centre
  • Tina: The Blueprint Experience

Are You a McKinney Local?

If you live in McKinney and would like to be one of our "Ask a Local" folks, call 214-544-1407 or email us at


Click images to watch the locals' videoed  and learn their favorites

Courtney Solstad-2Courtney

Marshall_Bree_for webMarshall & Bree

Phyllis-_ask a local pagePhyllis

Coming soon, we'll feature a new set of locals' videos, so check back! 

Special Recommendations

We got a couple great "insider" tips about pasta spots.

Brooke: Spoons Cafe has the best baked spaghetti.   

Russell: If you like a glass of wine with dinner at Italian Garden, it's BYOB.  

People sure do love burgers! On that one topic alone, we got so many responses, and some very specific ones. We wanted to share these because they are all so mouth-watering, just naming the place didn't do it justice.

Marla: The blue cheeseburger, medium rare at Square Burger! Share half fries or onion rings. Use a fork, knife and napkin!

Chrisy: Jungle Burger serves a delicious and moist veggie burger with the best fries. I’m a vegetarian and the places that can serve one that doesn’t look and taste like cardboard are few and far between.  Bob: 

Bob: The spicy tuna burger is hard to beat at Square Burger.