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May 16

Guest Blog: A Little Piece of Music Heaven - The Guitar Sanctuary

Posted on May 16, 2018 at 6:06 PM by Beth Shumate

guitar sanctuaryBy Wendy Reyna
UT Arlington PR Student 

A little piece of rock and roll heaven is tucked away in McKinney’s Adriatica. Here, at The Guitar Sanctuary, no matter who you are or where you come from, you can unleash your inner artist … or rock star. 

The Guitar Sanctuary is ranked one of the top 20 coolest guitar shops in the country. When I walked in, it was as if I was in a whole other world, with some of the best guitars I had ever seen with one-of-a-kind lining the walls, out on display for anyone who wants to come in to look or buy. It was such a relaxing and free environment; true artistry was in the air.

A sales representative was quick to greet me and show me around the store while giving me brief history on the owners, different guitars, and the different types of people that come into the store on a daily basis. It was as if each guitar told its own story. They were so intricately made with such attention to detail, it was truly a beautiful sight. Buying a guitar here, however, will set you back a pretty penny. The prices range from as little as $400 to over $200,000 dollars. The sales rep told me that people would save for years to come in and buy the guitar of their dreams that would last them a lifetime. 

If there was one word to sum up the Sanctuary experience, it would be unique. From the purchase, to being able to bond with your instrument to the individualized attention you receive from the team, this place gives you a truly tailored experienced. 

guitar sanctuary studentsThe Guitar Sanctuary is not just any music store, it has two levels, a studio, an attached concert and events area as well as a cute little shop. The upstairs area is home to music lessons for all levels of artists with a focus in voice, bass, guitar and keyboard. The Guitar Sanctuary has produced talented artists that have ended up on TV. The neighboring Sanctuary Music & Events center has hosted many talented musicians who have not only come to play here but to shop as well. The Sanctuary has had top of the line clientele over the years but they chose to keep these famous artists anonymous to also give them the tailored experience they offer for all. On your way out of the Sanctuary, you can stop by their souvenir and clothing shop which proudly donates all of their proceeds to the Love Life life clothes with guitars

If you’re ever in McKinney and want to go to a place where music fills the air and your inner artist can shine, then I recommend you visit The Guitar Sanctuary. Its walls have heard it all and talent is around every corner. The associates will guide your purchase and may even surprise you with their rad guitar skills. You will have a unique experience while walking away with a true piece of musical art because, after all where words fail, music speaks.

(Photos from Guitar Sanctuary and Love Life Store Facebook pages)