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Sep 26

Showcasing Your McKinney Experiences

Posted on September 26, 2018 at 12:00 PM by Beth Shumate

One thing's for sure - people love looking at photos, whether their own or someone else's. We love looking at them, too, especially when they are of people having fun and making memories in our beautiful city of McKinney. 

How many of you research places to go by checking Yelp ratings, looking at photos, and asking friends and family? Heck, we do the same thing! For this reason, we at Visit McKinney have partnered with a company called CrowdRiff, a visual content firm with some nifty tools for sharing photos.

Through this platform, we are able to showcase our visitors' and residents' photos on our website as well as using those, once approved by the user, in our marketing materials, namely social media posts and videos. 

Have you seen these galleries showing up on our website? You can find them on several of our pages, including the homepage (shown below). Others including galleries featuring events, the historic downtown square, and one of McKinney's biggest claims to fame these days, FOOD! As more of these great photos are pulled into the CrowdRiff tool, we will create more galleries. 

crowdriff home gallery

How Does It Work?
The CrowdRiff tool pulls in photos from social media, based on location and how they're tagged. The Visit McKinney staff can then go through all the photos, pull the best of those, and share them in galleries we create. The user who posted them retains ownership of the photos, of course.  We will only share them elsewhere, outside our website via, for example, our social media platforms or short promo videos, once we have the owner's permission to do so. 
dino video screen shot Our Photo Galleries
Check out the galleries we've already developed using YOUR photos and have placed on different pages of our website. 

We also have started using these photos in brief promotional videos. Click on the image above to view the video we did with social media photos promoting Dinosaurs Live! at the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Keep watching our website and social media for more of this great content! And keep posting your photos and videos. We love seeing them. Remember to use #VisitMcKinney when tagging them.