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Feb 26

A Very Public 30th Anniversary Re-Proposal

Posted on February 26, 2013 at 10:57 PM by Beth Shumate

Romantic Surprise at MPACThree decades ago, Cliff Cubbage (of Allen) proposed to his bride-to-be Linda in his car. But Saturday night in McKinney, Cliff was more public, this time asking his wife to renew their vows while on stage in front of a comedy show audience of more than 400.

“When I first asked Linda to marry me, I chickened out and instead of asking her over dinner at Red Lobster, I asked her in the car. [A couple years ago], Linda said it would have been nice if I had asked her in the restaurant,” Cliff said. “I was going to take her to Red Lobster again [this year] with everyone in the family and ask her to redo our vows for our 30th anniversary.”

Enter McKinney’s all-female comedy troupe, the Four Funny Females, who came into the picture after the Cubbages attended one of their January shows.

“Sitting there at the show, I was thinking [they] might be able to help me go above and beyond my own expectations,” Cliff said.

Cliff met with Bartlett to share ideas about a special surprise for his wife, and she asked him if he’d mind the re-proposal being built into the show.

 “He said he was game for anything,” Bartlett said.

During this meeting, Cliff related to Bartlett the circumstances behind his request, which dated back to 1995 when a bad fall dislocated his left shoulder, lower back, and left ankle, and crushed his right knee, leaving him in pain and disabled.

“[At one time], I was taking 39 medications. [A few years ago], I was rushed to the hospital three different times. That last time, when my wife walked in the room, [the way] she looked at me, I knew I had to make some changes,” Cliff said. “I stopped taking 22 of the medications, I started reading the Bible and what I was reading told me I needed to fix my marriage.” 

The idea of renewing their vows seemed the perfect way for Cliff to rededicate himself to Linda.

 “After I heard his story, I knew we needed to make this more special than just inviting him onstage,” Bartlett said.

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