What is a special event?
A special event is defined as any event or activity that is of limited duration and on the City of McKinney property or public right of way that operates wholly or partially within the city limits of the City of McKinney, which may require the use of or assistance from any City of McKinney department.

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1. What is a special event?
2. For which activities are special events permits needed?
3. Where can I find a special events application?
4. When should I turn in my application?
5. Where do I turn in my application?
6. Is there a set number of personnel (such as police and fire) needed for any type of event or crowd size?
7. Will I get everything I ask for in my application?
8. Will I need any other permits to hold an event?
9. We are a nonprofit organization. Can the event permit fee be waived?
10. What if the event is on private property? Do I need a permit?
11. Can I get my money back if I don't get what I requested, if it rains, if I decide not to hold my event, etc.?