Local real estate professional Patrick Hoare approached us about sharing a blog post he did featuring McKinney's own TUPPS Brewery and its owner Keith Lewis. Below is an excerpt from Hoare's blog post, quoting Lewis on how he got his start in beer making.

"In 2013, my wife gifted me a home brew kit for Christmas. One of my friends and co-workers, Tupper Patnode, had a book on how to brew beer. At the time, we were both working high tech corporate jobs in the semiconductor business. Tupper had the book on how to brew beer and I had the box of equipment…so we got started! We purchased “Brewzilla”, a 15-gallon brew system and on the weekends we would brew beer in my garage.

We got obsessed with it and would also spend time visiting breweries around town. For our name, we shortened Tupper’s name to TUPPS and would enter our beer into homebrew competitions. I started to think… 'we can open a brewery'."  - Keith Lewis - Owner of TUPPS Brewery

Below are some stats Hoare provided in an accompanying social media post about TUPPS Brewery's new location, now under construction near The Flour Mill and Local Yocal BBQ & Grill just east of Downtown McKinney. The new location is slated to be open by early 2023.

  • 25,000 sq. ft. Brewery Building only for making beer and hard seltzer (for now)
  • Stage for live music
  • Build-Your-Own-Business (BYOB) small retail spaces for small businesses
  • Old warehouse building transformed into a barrel aging room with seating
  • A beer garden with water features
  • Grain mill (built in 1915) transformed into a full-service restaurant in an air-conditioned space


More About the New TUPPS!

D Magazine did a great piece on the new TUPPS development; you can find it here