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Welcome, Comedy Arena Visitors!

The ArenaZing Race is a Team Building Scavenger hunt event in which teams race around the city blocks in competition with other teams. The “Race” involves teams in traveling by foot and completing tasks at each stop along the way and interacting with the locals in order to become more familiar with aspects of McKinney's culture, history, and economy.

How The Winner Is Determined

For each clue that a Team solves correctly, a certain amount of points will be awarded. Points are awarded based on the difficulty of the challenge. The harder the challenge, the more points it’s worth. Points can also be awarded if players/teams make any purchases while competing. For every $1 spent, that’s 1 more point to add to their total. Could you buy yourself into the winning position? Sure, it’s possible. However, Teams in full must return to The Comedy Arena before the Scavenger Hunt Race is over in order for all of their points to count and for them to win.

Time Frame for the Challenge

Teams should return to The Comedy Arena by 10:30 a.m.

Getting Started

Before you can start the scavenger hunt you'll need to:

1. Download the McKinney TX! app.

AppleScreen capture of app download menu



2. Create an account and log in. 

Login screen on appYou will need to have an account to be able to check-in at the stops and complete the challenge.



3. Select the "Challenges" button to get started. 

App screen shot with challenge circledFrom there, you'll find the Comedy Arena's "The ArenaZing Race" and select it. Click the image at the top of the challenge screen to view an intro video!




4. Start the Challenge.

Screen shot of Challenge on appThe 12 stops on this challenge are listed below The Comedy Arena logo. Start in any order by clicking on the location box, then clicking "Details" to see your task. Complete the task and don't forget to check in before you move to the next location. When your team has completed the challenge or it's getting close to the finish time of 10:30 a.m., return to The Comedy Arena and show proof of your completed challenge to your hosts for a chance to win a prize!