Come Celebrate the Solar Eclipse in McKinney

Total solar eclipse photo(Please note: This page will be updated regularly as more plans are made and announced for the April 2024 total solar eclipse.)

We're excited to welcome you to McKinney for this rare celestial event - taking place Monday, April 8, 2024 - at least rare to us in North Texas. Here in McKinney, we'll be able to view the solar eclipse's totality for almost four full minutes and the partial eclipse before and after totality for a couple of hours!

Check out the resources below to find McKinney hotels offering special rates for our out-of-town visitors, information on things to do while in McKinney, and other information about the upcoming solar eclipse. 
Also, watch for activities (to be announced) being planned for the weekend before and day of the eclipse.


Hotel Booking Information for Total Solar Eclipse in April 2024

Below are hotels that have set up special booking links for our Solar Eclipse visitors. (Click the hotel name below to access the special booking link. Find details about the offers in the FAQ section below.)


Events in McKinney for Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024

Two City of McKinney events are in development for the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024. Plans will be announced here as soon as they are finalized, but they will be taking place at:

  • Gabe Nesbitt Community Park and Sports Complex - This event will feature family activities including eclipse viewing. More details to come.

  • Downtown McKinney - Visitors and locals will be encouraged to grab lunch before, during, and/or after the solar eclipse, and a rooftop ticketed event is in the works.


Other Events Taking Place in McKinney

We will be posting all other events being planned in the city here on this page. And if you are an organization that is planning an event open to the public, please submit it HERE and make sure to indicate it is a Solar Eclipse event. 


McKinney Observed the Annular Eclipse this Fall

Prior to the total solar eclipse in April 2024, Texas was also in the path of an annual solar eclipse on Oct. 14, 2023. We found this information about this annual eclipse HERE:

Eclipse attendees - large group outside- looking at the annular eclipse"During an annular solar eclipse, the apparent size of the Moon’s disk is slightly smaller than the apparent size of the Sun’s disk. Therefore, only the outer edge of the Sun remains visible and the Sun appears as a brilliant ring if you are inside the path of annular solar eclipse. This is an otherworldly sight often called a “ring of fire”. 

McKinney was not in the center of the "ring of fire" path, but we did experience about 77% coverage. The City of McKinney hosted an annular eclipse event that day at the Roy and Helen Hall Library in Downtown McKinney. Roughly 4,000 people attended. 

What Will the Solar Eclipse Look Like from McKinney, TX?