Sports Group Assistance Program (SGAP)

Visit McKinney’s Sports Group Assistance Program (SGAP) Fund is a cooperative marketing program designed to assist sports organizations with facility funding when selecting McKinney for their sporting events. A maximum of $15,000 is available to each sports organization/event dependent on the number of room nights secured. Please review the Program Guidelines and fill out the application to apply for the Visit McKinney SGAP Fund.

Click HERE to Download Visit McKinney Sports Group Assistance Program (SGAP) Fund Guidelines.

Group/Event Information

The meeting contact information must be provided for verification or the GAP application will be rejected.

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Hotel Information

Please list the McKinney hotel(s) under consideration.

Estimated Hotel Room Night Impact on McKinney

Enter estimated room nights and room rate and the rest of the columns will automatically populate.


Sports Facilities/Fields Needed for the Event

Additional Events and/or Activities

Please indicate if any additional event outside of the sporting facility will take place in McKinney.

Group History


You must provide two years of meeting history. (Please note that skipped years do not count as history.) 

  • If this is a first time event, please choose "Yes" and complete the fields below.
  • If you choose "No," the form is complete and ready to be signed.
  • If columns are left blank, the GAP application will be rejected.




By typing your name below, the group/event representative acknowledges having read the Visit McKinney's Sports GAP Guidelines and agrees to abide by said conditions.

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