The past couple of summers have been banner years for crape myrtles, especially in our own World Collection Park of the Crape Myrtle Trails of McKinney. The seven-acre park opened in June 2011 in McKinney's Craig Ranch area and includes all known species and varieties of crape myrtles in the world.

McKinney resident and developer David Craig donated the land and the McKinney Community Development Corporation awarded a grant in 2005 to the Crape Myrtle Trails of McKinney for the development of the park. The park is located near Hwy 121 and Stacy Road in southwest McKinney, just north of the Craig Ranch Soccer Complex, at 6452 Collin McKinney Pkwy.

The U.S. National Arboretum donated a rare white Natchez crape myrtle which has an honored spot in the park; it is planted in its own bricked bed area framed by the opening in the park's entry wall, and marked with a plaque, and etching on the concrete around it. (Here, you'll see photos of this tree in 2011 when the park opened, and one of it in 2023.) 

 Original 2011 tree at Crape Myrtle park2023 original gifted tree at Crape Myrtle World Collection Park

The park includes wide walking paths weaving through various collections, which are marked with signs explaining each area. There are also several spots with benches so you can enjoy resting and taking in the beauty of the park.


We took a trip out to the Crape Myrtle World Collection Park and just had to share some photos taken at the park's opening 2011 and then again taken in mid-July 2023. (Some of the trees don't look as full of blooms, thanks to big rain and wind storms that came through town just a couple days before these new photos were taken.)


Below are photos from 2011 just after the park opened.

Crape Myrtles World Collection Park - small pink bushes 2011Entrance to World Collection Crape Myrtle Park 2011

Seating area at Crape Myrtle Park 2011Wide view of Crape Myrtle Park 2011

Below are photos from this summer (2023).

Crape Myrtle Tree While blooms in 2023Pink and red crape myrtles

Crape Myrtle park_trees with walking path 2023 White crape myrtle trees 2023

Below is the original site plan for the park and an aerial view of the park when it opened, illustrating the layout of the plantings and the walking trails that weave throughout it. 

Map of World Collection Park layout Crape Myrtle Park layout aerial view 2011

We encourage you to take a stroll through this beautiful park while it is at its peak (into September) to get the full effect of the beauty of McKinney's crape myrtles.