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Filming in McKinney

Commercial Filming Permit

Filming Information

From ball fields to historic homes and tree-lined streets to warehouses, McKinney offers a variety of film locations. If you have further questions about filming a commercial, TV program, or movie in McKinney, please contact Beth Shumate at 888-649-8499.

McKinney Welcomes Your Filming Project!

McKinney is a popular filming venue because of our unique visual offerings. Our historic downtown, quaint commercial buildings, long-standing businesses and historic homes offer an attractive environment for filming. But that’s not all – Adriatica, our authentic Croatian village and our lush parks and open spaces also provide great possibilities for filmmakers.

Filming in a City Park or on a Hiking or Biking Trail

If your desired film shoot is taking place in one of our city parks or on a hiking or biking trail, before submitting a film permit application please call Assistant Parks Director, at 972-547-7482 to check on park or trail availability as well as if the park or trail is suited for your filming needs.


  1. How far ahead of time do I need to have a permit?
  2. How much does a film permit cost?

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