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Click here for more information about tourism grants to help fund the promotion of initiatives, activities, or events that promote McKinney to visitors. 

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Those looking for adventures in nature, history, art and plenty of open spaces to explore will find this and more in McKinney, the gem of North Texas. Whether trekking along nature trails, creating an art project, or taking in the sights and sounds of one of the city’s signature...

Ask a Local!

When you’re visiting someplace new and you aren’t sure about where to eat or have a picnic or go hiking, who do you turn to? Well, you "ask a local," of course! Our McKinney locals are always eager to share their...

History of McKinney

Dating back to 1848, McKinney's history has shaped the authentic personality the community enjoys today. Over the decades, forward-thinking community leaders and citizens have made preservation of our history a priority so residents and...