Agritourism in McKinney

Agritourism in McKinney, Texas offers a delightful blend of rural charm and modern attractions, inviting visitors to experience the vibrant agricultural heritage of this picturesque region. Nestled amid rolling fields and lush landscapes, McKinney's agritourism destinations include bustling farmers' markets, pick-your-own farms, and a beautiful tree farm. Guests can explore scenic pumpkin patches, navigate corn mazes, and savor fresh, locally-produced honey and jams. Farm tours provide insight into sustainable farming practices, while hands-on activities, such as feeding animals and harvesting crops, engage both children and adults. Seasonal events, like harvest festivals and fresh barbeque and fresh markets, create memorable experiences that celebrate the bounty of the land.

With its warm hospitality and rich agricultural traditions, McKinney offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature, learn about farm life, and enjoy the freshest produce straight from the source. This vibrant agritourism scene highlights the best of rural Texas charm.

Pure Land Farm

Featuring high quality fruits and vegetables in a regenerative way, using agritourism to engage with and educate the public about growing food to build support for local agriculture. See their website for picking schedule and appointment...

Sunset Trail Farm

Having created an environmentally-friendly landscape with a focus on conservation practices. this pick-your-own farm features berries, flowers, and other produce. Schedule your picking time online.

5G Farm

Summer produce available at Farmers Markets. Look for their pumpkin patch and more in the fall.