The History of McKinney

Dating back to 1848, McKinney's history has shaped the authentic personality the community enjoys today. Over the decades, forward-thinking community leaders and citizens have made the preservation of our history a priority so residents and visitors can enjoy living in and visiting a bit of our past.
Visionaries drew settlers to this fertile area and settlers looking for a better life imagined what this grassland could be. They settled here, they built, and they raised their families before passing on, leaving their legacy in the community we enjoy today.
Imagine what Collin McKinney would think if he saw his town now. From a rich agricultural center, McKinney has grown to have almost 200,000 residents, a diverse economy, and rich cultural and recreational opportunities. We’re pretty sure that Mr. McKinney would be proud of the town that bears his name.

The City of McKinney website offers some incredible resources for learning more about the city's history, including virtual tours and story maps.

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