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Erwin Park

The rural and beautiful 212-acre Erwin Park enables you with an opportunity to commune with nature while taking a hike, camping, cycling, picnicking and more. The park features a rustic campground, playground, challenging bike riding trails, picnic areas, and pavilions. You can see from the photo gallery at the bottom of the page, Erwin Park is quite popular with people of all ages!

Cycling at Erwin Park

Cyclists who enjoy more challenging trails love Erwin Park and its 10 miles of mountain bike trails. For a bird's eye view map of the trails at the park, click HERE.

Camping at Erwin Park

  • Residents can reserve pavilions up to six months in advance for $42.50, non-residents may reserve up to three months in advance for $70.
  • Pavilion reservations are all day (3-12 p.m. the next day).
  • Campsite reservations are $12.50 for residents and $20 for non-residents.
  • To camp at campsites next to pavilions, you must reserve the pavilion as well (total of $42.50 for residents, $70 for non-residents). Other campsites are first-come, first-served after a reservation has been made.

If interested in camping, contact the Recreation Center at Towne Lake at 972-547-2690.

For more information on amenities and FAQs, visit the city's website.